Hear from an Expert: Joe Nunley, Green Energy Economics


Joe Nunley is a Managing Consultant for Green Energy Economics Group (GEEG). In this role, he is responsible for designing new energy efficiency portfolios, analyzing existing energy efficiency programs and portfolios, performing management consulting for home performance contractors, and continuous improvement process of existing program designs. Prior to joining GEEG, Joe served as the Vice President of Program Services at PSD. In this role Joe led the PSD Program Services Division, which implements Residential, Commercial, and Energy Code Programs throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest. Joe has been in the EE field for 15 years. Prior to joining PSD, he was an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Senior Analyst with UGI Utilities, where he was responsible for managing the commercial and residential natural gas Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programs. Joe was also responsible for emerging technologies, customer satisfaction, and trade ally relations. Joe previously worked as an Energy Efficiency Trade Ally Manager with Puget Sound Energy in Seattle, WA. Prior to that position, Joe spent eight years as the owner of a Harrisburg, PA energy auditing firm, focusing on Utility Low-Income Weatherization Programs, and residential and small commercial energy audits. Rooted in a deep love for building science, Joe is an Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Certified Energy Manager (CEM) as well as a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Building Analyst.

Advanced Efficiency Worx was proud to be selected to partner with Nunley on his home project. Nunley’s home, built in 1910, was in need of significant upgrades to provide energy efficiency. AEW partnered with him on this project and accomplished a decrease of 70% in overall energy and 30% cost savings through an energy assessment, insulation installation, air sealing, and heat pump installation conversion from a natural gas furnace.

Energy Assessment:

An energy assessment is always the first step in any of our projects. Energy efficiency is a science, therefore we follow a scientific method. The assessment evaluates the entire home from the inside out and identifies the source of energy inefficiencies. Mark Rich, AEW Founder, often equates an energy assessment to conducting an MRI before surgery. The surgeon wouldn’t begin a knee operation before examining the inside of the knee and determining what ligament needed to be operated on.  We approach home projects in the same manner.

 As Nunley stated, “Even if you have an idea of what needs to be done in your home, you can always be surprised, this is why you have to start with an energy assessment.”

Pro Tip: Window replacements are often touted as the best way to combat air leaks, but the payback in energy savings is often 25 years, compared to insulation replacements which are often 4 – 6 years. An energy assessment can save you money on unnecessary upgrades, and pinpoint solutions to truly save you money and energy.

Home Upgrades:

Nunley’s home had zero insulation at the start of the project. Our team installed a massive amount of insulation throughout the entirety of the house, attic, and basement. In old homes in particular this is a common issue, and while air still moves through insulation, its heat resistance allows for the use of less energy to regulate temperature in the home. Air sealing was also done, but this project called for a unique solution. Because the exterior of Nunley’s home was composed of brick and stucco, the walls had to be insulated from the inside of the home. The required drilling and sealing 283 holes. Once the project was complete, Nunley shared that there was an immediately noticeable increase in comfort in his home.

This project was one of the most comprehensive jobs, and the collaboration between our team and Nunley, as an expert in the field, led to creative solutions, resulting in energy savings. Despite many challenges, dealing with a historic property and the many surprises beneath its surface, the job was completed only 2 days over schedule. While efficiency is always what we strive towards, the reality is if you make a home comfortable, healthy, and long-lasting, efficiency just follows. We are there to solve problems that lead to efficiency.

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