Elite Advanced Efficiency Worx

Energy experts for residential and commercial dwellings.

Specializing in a comprehensive whole-house approach to improving your home’s energy efficiency, increasing overall comfort and saving you money on energy bills. We start with a Home Energy Assessment available through all of the major Pennsylvania Utilities and provide a detailed report on the ways you can increase your home’s energy usage and provide efficient solutions through installing of insulation, air sealing, HVAC upgrades and other energy-saving methods.

Who We Are

The Elite Advanced Efficiency Worx team has more than a decade of experience in making homes in Central Pennsylvania more energy efficient. With a team of experts, their pledge to you is that everything they do will save you money and improve your home’s environment. Each project, including the energy assessment, begins with care and has earned endorsements by PPL, UGI and First Energy utility companies


Energy efficiency - where it matters most.

Blower Door

Energy Assesments

Air Sealing

Total Air Sealing




HVAC Upgrades



No room in your home should be more than 2-3 degrees different from another. It shouldn’t have air that feels wet like a swamp or dry like a desert. The air shouldn’t feel oppressive to your sinuses or give you headaches. Nor should it smell. It should be the most comfortable house you’ve ever lived in.

Health & Safety

A high performing home will have a dry, clean, healthy fresh air supply coming in from a known location. High humidity levels can lead to dust mites and mold. Humidity also causes volatile organic chemicals in furniture and cleaners to release faster. These can lead to respiratory illness, allergies, asthma, etc.


If you design moisture management into your home, it is likely to be longer lasting, healthier, more comfortable, and less expensive to operate or repair. Crawl spaces won’t contribute to asthma issues. Termites won’t have wet wood to burrow into. Mold likely won’t develop or need to be treated.


While efficiency is always what we striving towards, the reality is if you make a building really comfortable, healthy, and long-lasting, efficiency just follows. We are there to solve problems that lead to efficiency.


Home Energy Assessment

Our team checks your windows, door frames, attics, ceilings, walls, heating, and cooling systems to pinpoint every area of energy loss.

Energy & Money Saving Solutions

We discuss our findings with you and determine the best course of action to improve efficiency.

Upgrades & Repairs

Next we will make the repairs and improvements that you and our team have discussed. Any work we do in your home is to improve your home's comfort, health and safety, durability, and efficiency, while saving you money and energy.

Verify Results

We will perform a secondary audit to validate that our work achieved the desired results, making your home more energy efficient.


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